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Each local company must get perconal invite from Superior Buyers Report to participate in the reaserch or consumer can recomand the local company then superior buyers report will start pre qulifiyng the company if they are good company the superior buyers report will send invite to the local Company. They all must have active liability insurance coverage, if require bond so bond, and workers comps , Active license 3 years minimum, business practices and complaint bureau status should be clean, to earn this prestige Superior Buyers Report shield Award companies should be really 90% and up. Most companies can’t make the grade this is why we recomand only Top-10 Companies each county, another positive result using our service that we only recomand local companies within your county.

The following questions are asked:

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied.
  2. If you needed these services in the future, would you hire (name of company) again?
  3. When you think about (name of company), what would you like to tell other consumers?
  4. What did you like best about (name of company)?
  5. What do you think (name of company) could do to improve quality of service?
  6. What you think about company customer service scale 1 to 10
  7. On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you feel about the quality you most recently received from (name of company)?

Contact the senior manager of the company and explain the problem. Use the original service contract for reference. Describe what reasonable measures the company can take to correct the problem. If the issue remains unresolved, please email Superior Buyers Report full descreption of the issue and the mesures you took we will contact the company and find out if we need to start mediation, we will give the top-10 company 24 hours to respond with detailed answer and we will continue the process if it's not solved there.

It’s highly unlikely. We talk via phone/email with the clients of the companies before we qualified them to the Top-10 list. We need to get proof from companies that clients are clients by getting invoice/contract/ official email comunicaiton anything that could verify that client was client and use the services. It's still possible so we check new clients regularly.

All companies are guaranteed anonymity in the rating process so they’re more likely to apply to be rated. To be safe, use a Superior Buyers Report top-10 company.

Only companies rated highest in quality earn Superior Buyers Report. On top of that, we limit the number of companies to 10 companies by industry and region, so while there are enough companies displayed to provide you with choice, the limited number allows us to closely monitor these companies to ensure your satisfaction.


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